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Date: Thursday, November 19, 2020
Time: 1:00pm – 2:00pm
Presenter: Pat Wagner

Want to know the name of the ship that brought your great-grandfather to the New World? Find a photo of the apartment house your family lived in during World War II? Figure out who you were named after and why no one talks about Uncle Charlie? Track down those cousins you have not seen since the reunion 20 years ago? Build a family tree to leave as a legacy for younger relatives? You no longer will need to drive 1000 miles and trek through a cemetery, to check out a story your grandmother told at a birthday dinner about rich relations in a faraway state to explore your family’s heritage. Every day, new documents and photos are being digitized and databases being shared online, making it easier to explore your family’s heritage.

Learn about free and paid sources, government sites, international resources, and organizations that help individuals whose families are part of the African and Jewish diasporas. Also, what are common mistakes that can unintentionally propagate incorrect information? And what about the DNA services? Warning: Family research can be fun, addictive, and something aggravating and even controversial!

Pat has been using online services for genealogical research for her immigrant Jewish family and her husband’s 100% English ancestry for 16 years. She met wonderful long-lost cousins, traced her husband’s family tree back centuries, and finally figured out her late aunt Peggy was really named Thelma. Who knew?

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