Join us weekly, Monday through Thursday for the Do Space After-School Club! Each day features a different STEAM topic including computer programming, engineering and maker activities, AR, VR, Coding, and Digital Art.

All programming is hosted @ 5:00pm at Do Space. Register HERE for this month’s class.


Monthly Activity List:

Program Description: During Design It! participants will learn design thinking basics and learn how to bring their ideas to life. From programming to game design, be ready to learn it all!


Activities: Design a Superhero Logo

It’s costume season and we are gonna design superhero logos. You can design a logo for your Halloween costume or just make one for your superhero alter ego! We are learning how to design logos and then we are making them in Adobe Illustrator. You do not need to create an Adobe account for this class.

  • This month you will: 
    • Learn logo design basics
    • Draw shapes and lines in Illustrator
    • Change stroke and fill Move, rotate, scale objects
    • Use the text tool
    • Show off your work!

Find the October lesson plan HERE

Program Description: Learn all about coding on Tuesdays. Join us to explore all kinds of free apps & websites to learn more about different programming languages.


Activities: Spooky Robot Friends

Our Little Robot Friends are taking a trip through a haunted house! This October come to Do Space and deck your robot out in its own Halloween costume. Then be prepared to code it to respond to spooky scenarios, from hiding in the dark to being frightened by a loud noise.

Find the October Lesson Plan HERE

Program Description: Get ready to explore maker projects of all kinds ranging from kinetic sculptures to experimental circuits to invention prototyping and more.


Activities: LED Jack-O-Lantern

Embrace a classic Halloween tradition with a STEM twist! Kids will use conductive tape, batteries, and LEDs to explore circuitry. Each student will have the supplies to bring home their own miniature light up Jack-o-Lantern!


The Jack-o-Lantern can trace its origin across the Atlantic Ocean in Ireland. However, they originally would carve faces in potatoes or turnips! It wasn't until immigrants came to America that pumpkins became the "face" of this Halloween tradition!

Find the October lesson plan HERE

Program Description: Join us and our friends from UNO as the STEM Stars host a fun NEW lesson each week! From science experiments to art design and more, come learn all about the STEAM topics.

Still want fun activities to do when After-School Club is over? Check out our Beanstack Page for cool STEAM projects and have an opportunity to win prizes.