Community Projects

Introduction to MakeShift in Lincoln

April 10 | Paul Wrider, Community Learning Specialist

I recently sat down with Do Space Technologist Robert McCown, who is a board member of the Lincoln, Nebraska-area Maker’s Group MakeShift (

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Humans of Do Space

Meet Marlon, Entrepreneur

April 8 | Sean Kelly, Community Technologist

In the spirit of the "Humans of New York" photo series and social media phenomenon, Do Space is inspired to work with staff and volunteers to create a "Humans of Do Space" series that shares the...

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Tech Tips

Tuesday Tech Tip: Need a free VPN?

April 1 | Michael Sauers, Director of Technology

You may have been reading a lot lately about Virtual Private Netowrks (VPNs) and how you may want one to help enhance your security. There are a lot of choices out there; some good, some not -...

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Tech Tips

Friday Find: GitHub

March 31 | Sean Kelly, Community Technologist at Do Space

GitHub. Until early last year I, like a lot of people, had heard of Github but wasn’t exactly sure what it was or what it was used for. Then, as I explored my...

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