Hiccup Pops? Genius.

November 24

Ever wanted to tackle a problem that could improve your life or the lives of others? Good, because you’re in good company. Meet Mallory Kievman.

Along with being a young inventor, Mallory...

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Meet Spot

November 23

We know you’re busy, but making time to watch the video below is worth it. The clip shows a robot dog/deer/animal named Spot. Invented by Boston Dynamics (now a Google company) it’s one of the...

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The Best Slogan Ever

November 22

After the launch of Sputnik in 1957 by the Russians, the US was determined to never be behind in technology again. DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency was founded immediately and...

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Get Into Your Discomfort Zone

November 21

No matter who you are, you can remember a time when a parent or friend pushed you to do something that was out of your comfort zone. Whether that was broccoli or bungee jumping, the experience is...

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