Let's Invent Job Titles

December 2

It’s safe to say that technology is advancing so fast that the future will have jobs that don’t exist today. Which is why it’s fun to dream a little bit about what might be on your...

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High-Tech by the Acre

December 1

Most people usually don’t think of farming as a high-tech profession, but farmers are always utilizing leading edge technology.

Take self-driving cars. Farmers have already had self-driving...

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Virtual Reality Vacations?

November 30

Photography evolved into motion pictures, black and white turned into full color, then the stunning size of IMAX immersed us into new landscapes. Now multiple camera configurations working with...

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Tic – Tac – Whoa!

November 29

When Bill Gates was 13, he wrote a computer program that played tic-tac-toe. Age 13. That’s when it all started, that’s when his fascination began. While Bill is a really smart guy, his story...

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The Space Shuttle vs. Smart Phones

November 28

Fact: your smart phone has more computing power than the original space shuttle, which used only 1MB of RAM. By comparison, an iPhone 4s had 512 MB of RAM.

So why didn’t NASA upgrade?...

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