Wearable Tech: Revolution or Evolution?

November 18

If we really wanted to get nerdy about wearable technology (and we do), we’d point out that wearable tech has been around for thousand of years. The first fibers woven to create cloth were (1)...

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How Smart Will Computers Become?

November 17

In 1965, Raymond Moore (co-founder of Intel) predicted that computer processing speed would double roughly every two years. So far, that’s proven to be true. Computers have gone from the size of a...

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Yoda. Right Was He?

November 16

In the movie The Empire Strikes Back, Yoda dispenses a little Jedi advice to a self-defeating Luke who says, “I’ll give it a try.” Yoda responds with, “Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.”...

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Can Robots Clean the Ocean?

November 15

This entry is both sad and optimistic at the same time. It’s sad because there’s now a thing called The Great Pacific Garbage Patch made up of tiny, pea-sized bits of decomposing plastic. It’s a...

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The Value of Experimenting

November 14

Art evolves just like technology, so much so that it’s reached a point where people begin to question if an object or painting is even art. So it helps to understand the perspective. Art had...

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