Success Stories

How-To Use the Vinyl Cutter to Create Nail Designs

March 16 | Sonja Ostler, Guest Blogger
Creating the designs for the nails looks like it will be difficult but with a little bit of practice and patience it will become easier. When choosing a design to be cut on the vinyl
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Do Space News

Introducing Osmo with Pizza Co.

March 13 | Caitlin Lombardo, Community Learning Specialist

Looking for something new to try at Do Space? Check out one of our technology activity kits. 

Filled with tech toys from robots to mini programmable computers, these kits...

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Tech Tips

Tuesday Tech Tip: Where did I leave off?

March 11 | Michael Sauers, Director of Technology

I've authored a few books in my time and those Word documents get rather long. Currently I've got a manuscript that's almost 800 pages long and since there's very little narrative, it's not common...

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