Tuesday Tech Tip: Get your Google experience while at Do Space

July 01 | BY Michael Sauers, Director of Technology

When you check out a Chromebook at Do Space, we generally recommend that members log in as "guest" as that's the quickest way to get up and running. But, if you're a regular Google Chrome user at home or work, and would like to use your bookmarks, extensions, and other customizations while at Do Space, just log in to your account on our Chromebooks. It'll take a moment or two but you'll quickly have the same personalized experience here as you have at home, at least Google-wise.

When you're all done, just log out or, if you forget, we'll be sure to turn the machine off and on again before the next member borrows it. Like all of our other public computers, or Chromebooks will reset themselves automatically on reboot, and none of your information will be available for the next user.